Rueda de Casino WADF World Championship Sep 3rd - 4th 2015 in Roskilde, Denmark

Subject to ajustments depending on the number of teams enrolling

The Rueda de Casino World Championship 2015 will have one* category: Rueda de Casino 4-8 couples.

Rueda de Casino competition format
Each team consists of couples dancing together in a circle. Other structures may be used during the dance.
The first rounds of the competition will be held on the first day (Thursday Sep 3), and finals on the second day (Friday Sep 4).
In the first rounds, 2 teams may perform at the same time. In the finals, each team will perform individually.
5 teams will advance from the first rounds to the finals.

In the first rounds, the organiser will provide the music. The song will be one of 6 alternative songs, that will be published by February 1st 2015. The tempo of the music will be approximately 180-200 beats per minute.
In the finals, pre-recorded music of the dancers own choice must be submitted on CD. Each team will perform 3 minutes. No restrictions regarding tempo of the music, typical Salsa/Timba music should be used for the performance.

Costumes and props
Dresses are of the dancers own choice. Props may not be used, except for hand-props like gloves, hats, canes and similar.

The judges will use 2 sets of marks for each team, one for artistic merit and one for technical merit.
Examples of what the judges will reward:
good coordination between the team members, musicality, rhythm and breaks, how the team uses the floor available, whether the team keeps the formation in good order with clear and even distance between the team members, creative figures, partner changes and choreography.
Lifts and acrobatics are allowed but should not dominate the performance and will only enhance the judges' score if danced in harmony with the music and performed with good control.
The impact of each team member's technique is important, but the teams will be judged as a whole.

Adjustments made to the rules.