Rueda de Casino WADF World Championship Sep 3rd - 4th 2015 in Roskilde, Denmark

Competition venue

First rounds on Thursday night will be at Kildegården Cultural Center.
Finals will be held at Roskilde Kongrescenter.
See pictures of the venues.


The winning team will hold the title Rueda de Casino WADF World Champions 2015.

€1000 EURO goes to the winning team
€500 EURO to the 2nd place
€250 EURO for 3rd
In addition to gifts from some of our sponsors.

How to get to Roskilde

The easiest way to get to the centre of Roskilde directly from Kastrup airport Copenhagen, is by direct train. It takes approx 50 minutes and runs at least once an hour. Tickets can be bought in advance by Internet or from easy-to-use ticket boots at the airport. Direct train costs 108 DKK (danish currency, approx. €13-€14). Website for tain schedule and tickets:

From Copenhagen city there are trains to Roskilde leaving several times an hour and cost approx. €7-€8. Walking distance from the train station in Roskilde to the competition venue Kildegården is 15 minutes, and 5 minutes from the train station to the Congress Hotel Prindsen.

Where to stay

SalsaNor’s Rueda Congress have prepared three accomodation options for you in Roskilde during your stay.
Roskilde offers of course other alternatives for accomodation if you prefer to look up other availabilities at your own choice.


Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th we will provide 4 rehearsing rooms for the competing teams. As we approach September, each team will be able to “book” their rehearsing slots according to their time schedule, arrival to Roskilde etc. We will also provide the possibility for all the teams (individually) to have a short “testing” of the competition dance floor both days. 



First rounds
The following 6 songs are planned being used in the first rounds. The list will be confirmed March 1st 2015. Approximately 3 minutes will be played from each song in the contest.

  • Maykel Blanco - Eso que es
  • Roberto Armas & Los Conquistadores de la salsa - Enamorao de la Habana
  • Timbalive - De Miami a La Habana
  • Pupy y los que son son - Me están llamando
  • FredyClan feat. Abreu - Yo vengo de Cuba
  • DJ Paky Madarena and Berna Jam - Mi timbaton

You can listen to these song from this playlist (Soundcloud).
The competing teams will not know in advance which of the songs they will be dancing to.

In the finals the teams will dance to music of their own choice (see rules).

Enrolled teams

Theses are the enrolled teams by August 31st 2015:

Rueda Congress info

For general information about SalsaNor's Rueda Congress, including accomodation and venues, please see
Rueda World Championship participants will get a discount at the Rueda Congress (same as enrollment fee for World Championship, NOK 160).

About Roskilde

Roskilde hosts some of the country’s most distinguished sights, such as the Cathedral, the Viking ships, and the Land of Legends. Other charming sights include the old shops, small narrow squares, courtyards, and cafés. However, Roskilde is probably most well known for the giant rock festival, ‘the Roskilde Festival’.